Harvard's Great Teachers: Peter Galison

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Harvard's Great Teachers: Peter Galison
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Peter Galison
Pellegrino University Professor

About the Teacher

Peter Galison is the Joseph Pellegrino University Professor in the Department of the History of Science, and the Department of Physics. Galison’s work explores the complex interaction between three principal subcultures of twentieth century physics – experimentation, instrumentation, and theory. He is interested in the intersection of philosophical and historical questions such as these: What, at a given time, convinces people that an experiment is correct? How do scientific subcultures form interlanguages of theory and things at their mutual borders—and borders that link physics with film, philosophy, technology, and national security.

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About this Video

Is time defined by physics, or fundamentally technology, or philosophy? Peter Galison discusses the historical context of Einstein's discoveries and how they have affected modern notions of time and space. View Galison Collection.

22 March 2012
Harvard's Collection of Historical Scientific Instruments, Harvard History of Science Department
Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning
Marlon Kuzmick, Camilla Finlay, Shelley Westover, Mateus Falci AB'14, Anthony Liu AB'14
Marlon Kuzmick, Anthony Liu AB'14
Noam Hassenfeld AB'12